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General Safety Rules

General Safety Rules

Your safety is the constant concern of Elton’s ready mix concrete. Every precaution has been taken to provide a safe workplace. The plant Manager makes regular inspections and holds regular safety meetings. [HE OR SHE] also meets with management to plan and implement further improvements in our safety program.

Common sense and personal interest in safety are still the greatest guarantees of your safety at work, on the road, and at home. We take your safety seriously and any willful or habitual violation of safety rules will be considered cause for dismissal. Elton Ready Mix Concrete is sincerely concerned for the health and well being of each member of the team.


Any injury at work – no matter how small – must be reported immediately to your supervisor or manager and receive first aid attention. Serious conditions often arise from small injuries if they are not cared for at once.


To ensure your safety, and that of your coworkers, please observe and obey the following rules and guidelines:

❑ Observe and practice the safety procedures established for the job.

❑ In case of sickness or injury, no matter how slight, report at once to your supervisor. In no case should an employee treat his own or someone else’s injuries or attempt to remove foreign particles from the eye.

❑ In case of injury resulting in a possible fracture to legs, back, or neck, or any accident resulting in an unconscious condition, or a severe head injury, the employee is not to be moved until medical attention has been given by authorized personnel.

❑ Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry around machinery. It may catch on moving equipment and cause a serious injury.

❑ Never distract the attention of another employee, as you might cause him or her to be injured. If necessary to get the attention of another employee, wait until it can be done safely.

❑ Where required, you must wear protective equipment, such as goggles, safety glasses, masks, gloves, hair nets, etc.

❑ Safety equipment such as restraints pullbacks, and two-hand devices are designed for your protection. Be sure such equipment is adjusted for you.

❑ Pile materials, skids, bins, boxes, or other equipment so as not to block aisles, exits, fire fighting